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Andreas Lenzing


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The content of this website does not constitute an offer to sell or a solicitation to buy Bechtle AG securities in the United States of America or another country outside of Germany.

The information content of this website is intended solely for users residing in the Federal Republic of Germany and should not be distributed outside of Germany, in particular not in the USA, or to “U.S. persons” as defined in the U.S. Securities Act of 1933. In addition, this information should not be printed in publications with a general circulation in the USA.

Any breach of these conditions could be regarded as an offence according to the trading regulations of these countries, in particular the USA.

Shares in Bechtle AG are not offered for sale outside Germany, with particular regard to the United States of America.


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Our website may contain links to pages that are not maintained by us (e.g. hyperlinks). We are responsible for the content of linked pages only insofar as we are aware of any incorrect, illegal or criminal content, and if we have the technical means to prevent access thereto. All linked pages are conscientiously reviewed before publication on our website. However, we cannot be held responsible for subsequent changes or further links to pages that are found to contain incorrect, illegal or criminal content. Due to the nature of Internet technology, we cannot warrant the integrity or accuracy of the information made available through our website. The content of all external websites (linked e.g. via hyperlinks or banners) outside the scope of our responsibility is the sole responsibility of the respective website operators. We hereby expressly declare that no illegal content was in evidence on the linked pages when the link was established. We have no control over the current or future design, content or authorship of linked pages. We therefore expressly dissociate ourselves from all content on all linked pages that have been modified after the link was established. Moreover, we do not endorse the content of external websites.

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