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Some cookies are imperative for the website's functions to be available. These cookies ensure an accurate visitor count and the availability of certain functionalities. They save your personal settings in order to adjust the website to your needs. For instance, your preferred language settings will be saved in a cookie.



Functional Cookies that are Set by Bechtle AG.

Cookie name Purpose
PHPSESSID This cookie is required to be able to send forms, such as the contact form.
bechtle_sl This cookie saves the most recently selected language, so that the site will automatically be displayed in this language on your next visit.
bechtle_funcCookie This cookie is used to save your setting to allow cookies.



Third-Party Cookies.


Our website uses the services of Webtrekk, a Web analysis service from Webtrekk GmbH, to collect statistical data on the use of our website and to optimise our services accordingly. Collected data is sent only to our statistics provider, Webtrekk GmbH. Webtrekk GmbH is data-privacy certified for Web analytics. The collection occurs via a pixel, which is built into the pages of the site. Your IP address is anonymised, saved and sent, making it impossible to identify you via your IP address. Webtrekk uses session cookies, which are deleted when the browser session ends. The same is true for last-click cookies. We also utilise ever cookies, which last no longer than 6 months and are deleted after a pre-defined number of uses. These cookies are pseudonyms. The inclusion of additional personal data is not permitted. The collected data is deleted once there is no longer a need to save it for analytical purposes, or upon user request. Users can opt out of the anonymised tracking of their visit data at any time, so that they are no longer tracked in the future. To opt out of Webtrekk tracking, a cookie named webTrekkOptOut from the Domain is used. This tracking opt-out is active as long as this cookie is not deleted. To activate this opt-out, please click on the send button. You will then no longer be tracked, effective immediately.

Revocation of Data Tracking

Once you have successfully opted out of data tracking, you are automatically redirected to the home page.

Other Third-Party Providers.

We sometimes call on the services of other providers for our Internet pages, including YouTube, Xing, Facebook, Twitter, and Google. Pages with embedded content may present cookies from these websites. Cookies from these providers may be set if you share content using the buttons on the Bechtle website. Bechtle AG has no control over how these cookies are used, and they cannot be blocked by this tool. You should check the relevant third party website for more information about these.



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